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The 5 best raw foods recipes for kids in daily diet

Are you unsure of how to introduce a raw foods recipes for kids? It might not be as exciting for your kids to eat raw food as it is for you. Since children have more tastebuds than adults do, which makes some foods seem more intense to them, many kids are afraid to try new foods. However, eating habits are formed, so encouraging your children to prepare delectable raw food dishes on their own will help them eat better overall.

Here are some quick and simple raw foods recipes for kids that you and your kids may prepare and consume together.

5 raw foods recipes for kids to be more healthy

1. Raw green smoothies

Raw green smoothies for good health
Raw green smoothies for good health

The color green may not be the ideal choice for your kids’ food color wheel. However, you should still encourage children to consume nutritious and delectable raw foods recipes for kids despite this. Mixing greens with their preferred fruits is an excellent way to start introducing kids to the idea that green doesn’t necessarily equal unpleasant. Use a high-speed blender to blend all the ingredients in my recipe for a silky green smoothie to achieve the silky smooth consistency that even your children will adore. And the sweetness is still there!

2. Raw chocolate shake

Raw chocolate shake in raw foods recipes for kids
Raw chocolate shake

Who is not a fan of chocolate? A chocolate treat is accepted by all kids (or even children at heart)! It couldn’t be any simpler to add bananas to your kids’ usual chocolate drink, which consists of cocoa powder, agave nectar, and water. Simply combine them, and your kids’ growing taste senses will love this recipe for a raw chocolate shake.

3. Raw sesame seed bars

Raw sesame seed bars
Raw sesame seed bars

One of the best raw foods recipes for kids that you can easily educate your kids to prepare calls for no special tools. You’ll have to assist them with the measurements, I suppose. However, this recipe for raw sesame seed bars only requires combining in a bowl, pressing into a dish, and freezing! In addition to relishing this crispy and delicious snack, your kids will be amazed at their own culinary skill.

4. Raw ranch dressing

Raw ranch dressing, raw foods recipes for kids
Raw ranch dressing

By now, you’ve undoubtedly realized that the theme of all of these raw food recipes for kids is blending and combining. What’s this? The recipe for raw ranch dressing is no different. All of the ingredients should be placed in a high-speed blender and blended until smooth. Kids will have fun creating this nutritious ranch dressing to serve with savory raw salad or raw pizza.

5. Raw chocolate pudding with hidden avocado

Avocado chocolate mousse
Avocado chocolate mousse

Kids love chocolate, so it’s probably best to introduce raw foods recipes for kids in the form of that beloved treat. While teaching them about the advantages of a raw food diet, let your kids go to work in the kitchen blending the ingredients for the raw chocolate avocado pudding. By doing so, they will acquire new tastes while also developing an appreciation for them.

What goes in the green smoothie in raw foods recipes for kids?

The green smoothie should consist of one third each of green leafy vegetables, fruit and water. Basically, you should not mix so many different types of vegetables and fruits. As a rule of thumb you can say: one type of green leafy vegetables, one or two types of fruit and a liquid – each one third.

Dandelion, spinach, chard, herbs, kale, lamb’s lettuce, fennel, alfalfa and shamrocks combine well with fruit, for example. But basically there are no limits to your imagination. Just try what you and your children like.

Why are greens so important for children?

In addition to other minerals and trace elements, green leafy vegetables may also contain magnesium (essential for developing muscle), calcium (vital for teeth and bones), chromium (controls blood sugar), selenium, iodine, potassium, zinc, salt, and other minerals.

Additionally, the components are highly bioavailable in this product. The human body can effectively utilize the enzymes and short-chain proteins found in green leaves.

Throw out the industrial sugar

Kids adore sweets. Fruit naturally contains fructose, which contributes to its sweetness. If the food or smoothie still needs more sweetness, you can add honey, dried fruit, agave syrup, apple syrup, or – if it doesn’t go against your moral principles – apple syrup.

Children who are growing need natural sugars to develop strong bones. However, the refined white industrial sugar is something you should remove from your kitchen. Not only does this produce acid, but it also lacks the essential nutrients, minerals, trace elements, and enzymes the body needs to digest the sugar. The white sugar is instead converted into acid and fat.

The resultant acid is what the body seeks to neutralize. He must, however, draw the necessary vitamins and minerals from his teeth and bones because industrial sugar does not give him the tools he needs for this.


Don’t you want to try these raw foods recipes for kids with your small ones right now? Young children should begin eating healthily from an early age, and healthy eating habits can be taught by gradually introducing new tastes that aren’t too dissimilar from what their palates are used to. If your kids learn how to make enjoyable raw food recipes for kids on their own, incorporating raw food into their meals shouldn’t be too difficult. Once your children realize that healthy food can be delicious and that raw food need not be unpleasant, you’ll quickly find them begging for more.

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