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Top Tourist Destinations In Bukittinggi

Top Tourist destinations in Bukittinggi – Have a plan to visit Bukittinggi in Sumatra island anytime soon? If you have a chance to visit Padang, make sure you stop by Bukittinggi as well! The distance between Padang and Bukittinggi is about 95 kilometers, which can be reached for less than...
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Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia

Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua, Indonesia. It is situated on the island of New Guinea, on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly known as Humboldt Bay). It covers an area of 935.92 km, and borders Jayapura Regency to the west, Keerom Regency to the south, the nation of Papua New...
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Where To Stay In Banjarmasin

If you’re taking a trip to Indonesia, it is best to stop over Banjarmasin to experience their famous floating markets. You can do a quick overnight stay or extend it to a week depending on your itinerary. One thing’s for certain, your stay can be accommodated by the friendliest people...
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Interesting Facts About Indonesia You Didn’t Know

What do you know about Indonesia? Do you know where it is located? What language do Balinese people speak? What do they produce? We suppose there's much you don't know about Indonesia and guess what? We are here to help you find out more interesting facts about Indonesia. Interesting Facts...
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Best Things To Do In Banjarmasin

Kalimantan is part of Indonesia and is located on the island of Borneo (which incidentally is Kalimantan in Indonesian). 73% of Borneo is covered by Indonesia and the rest is made up of Malaysia and Brunei. Kalimantan actually means ‘Burning Weather Island’ and derives from the Sanskrit for Kalamanthana as...
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Foods & Drinks

Best Restaurants In Surabaya, Indonesia

Dining is an essential part of the guest experience during your stay in Surabaya. Combining the best in traditional Indonesian cuisine with flavors to international specialties from around the world, Vasa Hotel Surabaya offers an enticing array of restaurants for your dining pleasure​. From a sumptuous international buffet, an authentic...
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Luxury Hotels In Surabaya, Indonesia

While it’s the second largest city in the country, Surabaya is an often overlooked destination. Here, you can experience authentic Indonesian culture. Foodies should make a beeline for Kartiko for the best local food. Alternatively, tour the House of Sampoerna, an unusually interesting cigarette factory. From heritage colonial hotels to...
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Must-Visit Attractions In Surabaya, Indonesia

As Indonesia’s second most populous city, albeit a dynamic business town, Surabaya is often overlooked as a tourist destination. But the city’s importance in the nation’s history, stunning landmarks, and natural charms make it more than just a business destination. From heritage buildings to the beach, discover must-visit attractions in Surabaya,...
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Foods & Drinks

Best Restaurants In Bandung, Indonesia

Finding a good place where you can savor good food and enjoy the view is almost mandatory when you are visiting Bandung. You will have a chance to take a break, relax, and breathe the fresh air around you. There are many best restaurants in Bandung with a breathtaking view,...
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