Saturday, December 2, 2023


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Where To Stay In Banjarmasin

If you’re taking a trip to Indonesia, it is best to stop over Banjarmasin to experience their famous floating markets. You can do a quick overnight stay or extend it to a week depending on your itinerary. One thing’s for certain, your stay can be accommodated by the friendliest people...
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Luxury Hotels In Surabaya, Indonesia

While it’s the second largest city in the country, Surabaya is an often overlooked destination. Here, you can experience authentic Indonesian culture. Foodies should make a beeline for Kartiko for the best local food. Alternatively, tour the House of Sampoerna, an unusually interesting cigarette factory. From heritage colonial hotels to...

The Best Hotels in Bandung, Indonesia

The capital of West Java and Indonesia’s third-largest city, Bandung is also known as the Paris of Java, due to its European ambiance, colonial influences and art deco architecture. The city has a relaxed atmosphere and is a popular weekend destination for Jakartans who come to escape and shop at the...