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Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia

Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua, Indonesia. It is situated on the island of New Guinea, on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly known as Humboldt Bay). It covers an area of 935.92 km, and borders Jayapura Regency to the west, Keerom Regency to the south, the nation of Papua New...
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Best Things To Do In Banjarmasin

Kalimantan is part of Indonesia and is located on the island of Borneo (which incidentally is Kalimantan in Indonesian). 73% of Borneo is covered by Indonesia and the rest is made up of Malaysia and Brunei. Kalimantan actually means ‘Burning Weather Island’ and derives from the Sanskrit for Kalamanthana as...
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Best Things To Do In Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is located on the island of Java, Indonesia and is a great place to visit. It’s not actually on the tourist trail as such as most people tend to start their Java adventures in Yogyakarta, but if you’ve landed in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, Bandung is worth a stop....