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Spectrum Protect – IBM backup software solution for businesses

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Data is considered a great asset of an individual or any organization.

In particular, there is a lot of confidential data, which determines the success or failure of the business. Just a few small errors such as power failure, virus … will all be wiped out. The best solution at this time is to restore previously backed up data. With Spectrum Protect, an IBM backup software solution for businesses will help you solve some of your business dilemmas. Let’s TopGuides explore IBM backup software!

1. IBM backup software solution

What is IBM backup software?

Data backup is a form of copying files and data on computers, servers, servers, … to a device with storage function. The purpose of this is to backup in case of data loss due to machine failure, theft, hacker, … To prevent these, IBM backup software offers the following backup and recovery solutions:

High-performance cyber recovery solutions: IBM backup software has added an extra layer of protection with immutable and isolated copies to address potential future threats, allowing you to quickly recover from a cyber attack.

All-in-one Data Protection: An all-in-one data protection solution for virtual machines, Windows file systems, databases, applications, SaaS workloads, and containers in the hybrid cloud. An end-to-end SLA policy streamlines operational recovery, data reuse, and long-term storage.

Advanced replication data management: IBM backup software’s simple, easy-to-access solution features a self-service portal to make copies available to consumers whenever they need them. It does not create unnecessary copies or leave unused copies in valuable memory.

Flexible storage on enterprise cyberspace: IBM backup software with optimized network protection is made easy and immutable storage keeps production data from being modified or deleted in the event of a cyber attack.

IBM Tape Air Gap Protection: Enhance data protection from corruption by malware or ransomware attacks through tape solutions that isolate data from the local network.

BM® Tivoli® Storage Manager Suite For Unified Recovery (IBM TSM SURE) is IBM’s latest product line for enterprise data backup solutions. With the application of professional technology and high security, IBM is changing the traditional way of protecting and storing data.

With 24/7 data access, IBM TSM SURE is flexible in the backup data object including: TSM Extended Edition, TSM for SAN (for LAN-Free backups), TSM for Databases, TSM for Email, TSM for ERP, TSM Space Management, TSM for Virtual Environments, Fastback BMR, Fastback for Exchange.

The TSM for SURE product package is intended for businesses with a total storage capacity of less than 100 TB. In addition to Windows, businesses can install this software on many other operating systems such as Unix, Linux, … creating maximum flexibility in different working environments.

IBM backup software solution

What does IBM backup software solution mean for businesses?

IBM backup software is a comprehensive backup solution for businesses with intelligent, professional and highly secure backup technology. Software helps businesses reduce risks from data loss incidents automatically and securely.

IBM backup software builds and maintains the infrastructure to store and manage data, helping managers solve the difficult problems of many businesses. With modern technology, IBM is an investment towards an optimal data backup solution to protect and store data securely. Thanks to automatic features, intelligent selection, businesses can be assured of the professional and efficient backup support of the IBM backup software solution.

2. Why Spectrum Protect – IBM is the best backup software solution for businesses

What is Spectrum Protect software?

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Software solution with functions and costs suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus software is highly appreciated by both users and experts in the field of Data Recovery Software.

For physical file servers, virtual environments, and a variety of applications, IBM Spectrum Protect ™ offers thorough data recovery. Businesses can grow up to manage trillions of objects on a single backup server. The flexibility to migrate or copy data to tape, public cloud services, and on-premises object storage, along with built-in data efficiency, allows customers to cut the expenses associated with backup infrastructure.

The ability to archive IBM Spectrum Protect Plus data with this IBM backup software enables businesses to make the most of their current investment for long-term data retention and catastrophe recovery. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus supports real data recovery for containers. Native integration with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes allows developers to improve productivity while ensuring complete data recovery.

 IBM Spectrum Protect blueprints take the guesswork out by providing tested and proven best practices and guidelines to help customers meet SLAs and achieve high performance.

Why Spectrum Protect - IBM is the best backup software solution for businesses

The importance of Spectrum Protect for businesses

Spectrum Protect software is an IBM backup software solution for businesses with many important features that bring many benefits to your business such as:

Comprehensive data protection: For present and future contexts, such as cloud, virtualized, and software-defined environments, core applications, and remote facilities, IBM Spectrum Protect delivers improved data protection. Data handled by IBM Spectrum Protect is replicated to offshore recovery facilities for storage, enabling quick recovery to support the restoration of specific items as well as whole data centers.

Storage Efficiency: Through the use of deduplication, compression, and everlasting incremental backups, this IBM backup software helps to achieve exceptional storage economy. With a variety of cloud and on-premises storage options, including IBM Cloud Object Storage and AWS S3 Intelligent-Tiering support for inactive data, you can achieve your price and performance goals. Customers of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus can use IBM Spectrum Protect for catastrophe recovery and long-term data storage.

Data Backup: Data backup from one server to another may be done incrementally and precisely using IBM Spectrum Protect, and it can also be replicated to two target servers for greater cyber resilience. Deduplication and encrypted data can be replicated, increasing network security and efficiency.

Incredible scalability: With the potential for a single IBM Spectrum Protect server to manage up to 4 petabytes of client data and import up to 100 terabytes of new and updated client data each day, this IBM backup software enables big data growth.

Integrated Cloud Integration: Cloud backup from IBM Spectrum Protect is affordable and safe. Without additional hardware or ports, IBM Spectrum Protect container storage groups enable external cloud and object storage across well-known cloud environments like IBM Cloud, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc. Inline deduplication and encryption are used in these container storage regions to make optimal use of space and bandwidth and to protect data.

Simplified solution packages: In addition to increasing flexibility, the IBM Spectrum Protect Suite and IBM Spectrum Storage Suite bundles give customers an easy-to-manage licensing strategy for IBM Spectrum Protect. For virtual environments, containers, databases, emails, and enterprise resource planning, they include snapshots and regular backup agents.

A worldwide network of business partners: You have access to the technology, services, and best practices needed to make your deployment successful thanks to this IBM backup software. With the assistance of these partners, a scalable solution that can retain performance, efficiency, and manageability as data changes can be provided.

3. Solution

In short, Spectrum Protect software is an optimal solution to help businesses do business more smoothly and quickly. With many of the above-mentioned benefits and outstanding advantages of modern technology, Spectrum Protect software has become one of the best IBM backup software solution for businesses. Network storage, replication, and recovery, security and protection of large volumes of data, and cloud integrations or integration with IBM Spectrum Protect Plus,… all prove Spectrum Protect is a good software should be applied.

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