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34 Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali You Should Try

Where to get plant-based meals and vegetarian-friendly food you’ll LOVE at the 33 top vegan restaurants in Bali!

The days when becoming vegan meant limiting oneself to salads and alfalfa sprouts are long gone. Even the most ardent meat-eaters will want to avoid eating meat at these vegan eateries in Bali.
It seems like just yesterday that vegans in Bali were seen as exotic, magical animals incapable of surviving at “normal” dining establishments. However, becoming a vegan is now the standard, and Bali is seeing a rapid increase in the number of Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali.

Not simply smoothie bowls and wholesome salads are being discussed here. There are vegan warungs, fast food outlets, gourmet dining establishments, and everything in between all around the island. Jackfruit pulled? Check. Cashew cheese on a tempe burger?

Cashew cheese on a tempe burger? Please confirm. Creamy poke bowls stuffed with vegetables and beans that are high in protein? Triple-check everything! Even adamant carnivores are making the switch to a greener, more sustainable way of life thanks to these delicious and nutrient-dense plant-based meals.

Without further ado, check out our list of Bali’s top vegan restaurants, which includes anything from completely vegan cafes to vegetarian establishments that provide vegan-friendly dishes.

33 Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali

1. Peloton Supershop – The Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali


Peloton is one of our all-time favorite apps. This entirely vegan café is a one-stop shop for all things powered by plants and pedals. It is a Canggu landmark and a favorite among both vegans and non-vegans. That tells a lot about the cuisine offered here, which a group of chefs and vegan foodies have carefully chosen. Enjoy breakfast burritos, large salad bowls, and the oh-so-creamy cheesy lasagne in this industrial-chic setting. There are also some of the best fake meats here.
Peloton Supershop is located at 46 Jl Raya Pantai Berawa in Canggu.

2. GIVE Café

One of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali

Like your favorite warung, but with a plant-based twist, GIVE Cafe serves delicious Nasi Campur alongside completely vegan Indonesian cuisine. Consider vegetarian chicken, “pork” satay, a ton of vegetables, sauces, and sambals made without animal products, and even Indonesia’s renowned beef rendang that has been given a mushroom makeover.

That’s not all, though. Because GIVE Café distributes all of its proceeds to good causes, your order of Nasi Goreng Special (with a vegan fried egg) may help save a life or sustain a community. This thoughtful and imaginative idea comes from the same people that created the vegan KYND Community cafe in Seminyak, and like its bigger sister, it is entirely vegan and utterly delicious.

3. Secret Spot

Secret Spot


You can find a full menu of unbelievably delicious vegan treats from brunch till evening at this Canggu cafe’s two locations, which it originally launched in Uluwatu as a yogurt and smoothie bowl store. With hearty dishes like Tofu Benny for breakfast, “meat-loving” wraps for lunch, and “cheesy” quesadillas for dinner, it’s the kind of cuisine you wouldn’t even realize is entirely vegan (until you look closely at the small print). Even the desserts are vegan, and there are plenty of sharing-friendly sides and appetizers. All of this is located in Berawa and the heart of Canggu.

4. Essential -One of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali

Essential -One of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali

drinks and vegan tapas? Oh, you did read that correctly. Essential in Canggu raises the bar for guilt-free eating with its completely sustainable approach and usage of ultra-healthy DoTerra natural ingredients in its concoctions. The preponderance of the cuisine is gluten-free, and all the plant-based ingredients are seasonal and local.

Try the stuffed peppers from Lombok, the tempeh croquettes, and the glazed fritters in the Spanish style that are covered in Balinese banana leaf. And of course, wash it down with alchemist-style cocktails made with locally sourced cold-pressed juices, probiotic Kombucha, and the purest essential oils on the globe. Now that’s something to cheer to…

5. Falafel Temple

Falafel Temple

Falafel Temple provides authentic, home-cooked Middle Eastern food to Canggu, satisfying all of your vegan pita prayers. The entire menu is entirely plant-based and was influenced by the flavors of Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt even though there are no green V’s or vegan signage present. For the greatest falafel we’ve ever had, imagine traditional spices, local fresh ingredients, including some of the most scrumptious, gigantic mezze dishes we’ve ever seen.

6. Manggis in Canggu

Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali 6

Manggis in Canggu, a family-run cafe and Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali that is driven by a love of good, honest food, gives plant-based cuisine in the ‘Gu a fresh new look. they are known for? Vegan and vegetarian dishes that are simple to make but combine the traditional flavors of the West with the fragrant flavors of the East.

Imagine homemade tacos with sweet potatoes, Sriracha, and chimichurri from Indonesia. Consider the sliders instead, which are filled with locally grown jackfruit that has been marinated in a sweet barbecue sauce. Yes, these chefs are on a mission to popularize veganism by preparing all of your favorite dishes in a way that is both comforting and insanely delicious.

7. Green Ginger Noodle House

Green Ginger Noodle House

Green Ginger Noodle House, one of Canggu’s first vegetarian Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali (with vegan alternatives available for practically everything), is still in business and offers authentic meatless Thai food. A conventional little room that is colorfully crowded with pots, pans, trinkets, and plant life is the ideal setting for serving up Asian delicacies like veggie wontons, spicy laksa, and slippery noodle soups. This is the formula for feeling at home. Also, psst! Since Green Ginger is the younger sister of The Elephant and Dumbo, two of Ubud’s most well-known vegetarian eateries, you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal.

8. Samadi Bali

Samadi Bali

Near Echo Beach, Samadi Bali is a “Gourmetarian” café that combines raw vegan dishes with Ayurvedic gourmet recipes and vegetarian global cuisine because it trusts in the therapeutic power of natural food. The Samadi cooking lab supports fair-trade principles and employs seasonal organic ingredients made by nearby farmers and partners to help nurture more than just your stomach. The Samadi experience is completed by daily yoga sessions, life coaching, acupuncture, and a Sunday organic farmer’s market.

9. Plant Cartel

Plant Cartel

Vegans can live off more than just lettuce, as demonstrated by Plant Cartel. At this Canggu pioneer, you won’t find macrobiotic raw food or healthy soul bowls. Instead, you’ll be stuffing yourself with vegetarian fast food that is just as “meaty,” sinful, and delicious as its meat-eating competitors. The Double Cheeseburger, The PcMuffin, Popcorn Chicken, veggie hotdog, Mac & Please, and loaded fries with a pile of gooiness are just a few of the carby delights on the menu. Sorry Maccas, but this is the new standard for quick food.

10. Living Food Lab


The Living Food Lab is a relaxed café and instructional kitchen that serves vegan and gluten-free locally sourced organic raw food. Curl your mouth around some delectable fish-free sushi, the tantalizing Moroccan platters, and – our favorite – the Spicy Mexican Burger, all of which are marketed as “good mood food.

11. Vinny’s Warung- One of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali

We are so delighted that this cozy warung on Batu Bolong was among the first eateries to completely veganize Indonesian cuisine. preparing all of our favorite Indonesian dishes, including Nasi Kuning, Mie Goreng, and Nasi Campur. These regional favorites are all-natural and free of any harmful ingredients, including meat, dairy, MSG, and preservatives.

12. Roti Daal

Roti Daal

It goes without saying that Indian cuisine is naturally vegetarian welcoming, but Roti Daal offers more than just vegan and vegetarian platters and plant-based curries. Roti Daal in Berawa serves up over 130 different vegetarian cuisines each month, with daily-changing menus that use different seasons, fresh produce that is low in oil, low in spice, and without added preservatives or colorings. Roti Daal in Berawa adds a whole lotta love and traditional flavors to your favorite Indian staples. You can anticipate traditional, home-style cooking made with ingredients that are as fresh as the daily deal.

13. Zest Ubud

In Bali’s hippy district, Zest Ubud is among our Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali. Expect robust sides like crushed cassava fritters, taro root fries, and sticky spicy carrots, as well as meaty chunks of grilled jackfruit with caramelized corn and curry “mayo,” massive kebabs stuffed full of fire-roasted eggplant, and more. Do not even begin to discuss the sweets. A glass of banana muffins? Oh yes. Everything is a tiny bit sinister, but oh-so-very-nice in many ways!

14. Alchemy


One of Ubud’s most well-known vegan cafes, Alchemy is known for its raw chocolate wizardry and vegan magic, and its key values are love, authenticity, health, and gratitude. Along with single-origin coffee, juices, and chilled kombucha, you can get all-day smoothie bowls, raw pizzas, luscious banoffee pies, and sugar-free Bounty bars. Our favorite items are the “make your own salad bowls,” which come with a variety of options, including raw-mean cheese, all the vegetables, and tangy sauces. It’s pure vegan heaven.

15. Moksa

You would scarcely believe this is a vegetarian menu with a jackfruit “Mignon” fillet, a trio of cashews creams, and tofu ribs on it. From the moment the seeds are sown in Moksa’s very own permaculture garden until the time the organic and all-natural components are exquisitely selected on your plate, everything at Moksa is plant-based and freshly cooked with love. The menu includes spicy laksa, raw lasagna, and sweet potato cutlets. Furthermore, the raw coconut cocoa custard is just divine.

16. Sayuri Healing Food

Sayuri Healing Food

It doesn’t get any healthier than Sayuri Healing Food, a nourishing raw food café with plenty of vegan vibrations. Nothing has been spared in terms of innovation and flavor, and everything is devoid of wheat, animals, gluten, dairy, and soy. Would you like to discover how to make delectable raw food snacks for yourself? Attend a gourmet class to see how these chefs produce the tastiest raw vegan sweets we’ve ever had.

17. Sage

What more could you ask for from the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali than summer salads, jackfruit tacos, and abundant bowls of nutritious goodness? This well-liked restaurant specializes in hearty salads, rich desserts, and a delicious array of smoothies, juices, and mocktails. We recommend the sesame-crusted Teriyaki tempe and the tempeh buffalo wings, but save room for dessert since their gluten-free carrot cake is renowned.

18. The Seeds of Life

The Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life is far more than just a café since it combines enjoyment, flavor, vibrancy, and purity via raw living foods, yoga, and holographic kinetics. Visit to sample their delicious food (which is vegan and raw, of course), and stay to learn about their comprehensive philosophy of life. You may give your body and soul a once-over here with Taoist tonics, Ashtanga Yoga, raw food lessons, and artisan Chinese teas.

19. Sakti Dining Room

The prize Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali Sakti Dining Room at Fivelements serves Michelin-caliber vegan food in an eco-luxury setting, tucked between the revered Ayung River and lush tropical gardens. Plant-based, raw vegan living foods dominate the menu, which has been expertly crafted into some of the most beautiful dishes we’ve ever seen.

Mother Nature’s treasures are truly highlighted in the preparation of the various flavors, textures, brilliant colors, and pure flavors. Choose one of the chef’s unique tasting menu menus at this stunning bamboo pavilion to experience the entire range of the cuisine on offer.

20. Dumbo


Dumbo is a contemporary wood-fired Italian food concept from the same conscientious empire as The Elephant (below) and Green Ginger Noodle House in Canggu. It focuses on good, honest food that is as environmentally friendly as possible, without sacrificing flavor, of course. The roasted cauliflower, antipasto dish, and creamy polenta with braised beetroot cheeks are all recommended. In addition to the excellent pizza that is served here (fresh from the wood-fired oven), 1 percent of all sales are contributed to the preservation of animals in Indonesia, giving you a solid reason to overindulge.

21. The Elephant

The Elephant is a slow food palace and vegetarian haven that combines delicious, cruelty-free food with stunning views of Ubud’s stunning Tjampuhan Ridge. The foods here are all ethical, vegetarian, and most definitely fantastic. They are also lovingly prepared and presented, which goes especially well when combined with a juice or happy drink. Try the vegan Pad Thai, curries, polenta fries, and crunchy larb (all of which are also available). If you’re looking for a detox, the drink menu is also recommended for those who aren’t quite ready to give up their vices completely. …

22. Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Kismet Restaurant & Lounge

Kismet Restaurant & Lounge, located in downtown Ubud and just above the well-known Monkey Forest, serves great vegetarian and vegan food such tempe burgers, polenta lasagna, and a variety of tiny tapas-style plates to enjoy. We adore the customizable bowls and veggie skewers.

23. Swasti Beloved Cafe

Swasti Beloved Cafe is the double punch whenever it comes to mindful dining because it is fully sustainable and committed to preserving the environment. The environmentally friendly menu utilizes wholesome and fresh products from the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali ‘s very own garden, elevating the “farm to table” idea to a new level.

The majority of the food raised nearby the Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali is prepared daily fresh and is only ever processed with love. There are plenty of vegetarian and plant-based menu alternatives (try the jackfruit tacos, the vibrant pizzas, or the healthy bowls), but be aware that there are also some non-vegetarian selections that are kept clearly apart from the vegan options.

24. KYND Community

A network of earth-conscious foodies dishing up plant-based meals and drinks for folks who want to walk softly, KYND is SO much more than just a café. All of this is housed in pinch-me-cute pink décor with swings and Instagram – worthy lounges. The cuisine is a banquet of flavors that defies the vegan stereotype, and vegetarians and vegans will adore it.

Consider high-end toasts with incredibly healthy toppings, Salt & Pepper Squid that tastes identical to the real thing, and obviously, several of the finest smoothies and waffles in town. Our favorite is the Korean Fried Chicken Burger, followed closely by the Japanese Ramen. They even host vegan barbecues every Sunday and have a vegetarian ice cream shop right next door.

25. Tanaman


Tanaman, a revolutionary plant-powered Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali that embraces traditional Indonesian flavors with cutting-edge methods and organic vegan products, demonstrates that veganism truly is the food of the future. Each dish, which is part of a multi-course tasting menu, pays homage to Indonesia’s family kitchens, street sellers, and warungs.

For example, consider jackfruit rendang (16 hours of cooking and braising), mushroom satay, which is also known as the ever-famous gado-gado, and lotek. The most ideal pairing for this inventive and cutting-edge vegan spin on Indonesia’s favorite comfort meal is Tanaman’s botanical cocktails.

26. Earth Cafe

This vegan establishment not only serves wonderful plant-based food, but also features an organic produce market, health-conscious groceries, and eco-friendly cosmetics. One of the earliest health food stores in town, Earth Café, has been known to serve three or even four servings a day to many vegans on the island. The products used here are local and fresh, showcasing the finest of Bali’s macrobiotic and organic movement with exquisite flavors. Additionally, Earth Cafe is also located in Ubud.

27. Mad Pops

Mad Pops is Bali’s outrageous dairy-free ice cream shop with neon signs, obscene murals, an 80s disco ambiance, and technicolor vegan sprinkles. It is described as vegan ice cream on acid. Mad Pops recreates all the flavors that vegans have always desired, including salted caramel ice cream and peanut butter popsicles. Along with a second Mad Pops location, Canggu is home to a plethora of cafes and eateries that sell these sinfully delicious delicacies.

28. Zula

One of Seminyak’s original vegan eateries, Zula is referred to as veggie heaven and is a component of the same environment as Earth Cafe. It’s not surprising that Zula is still in business today given its vegan concoctions like seitan spaghetti meatballs, tempeh maki sushi rolls, and Mediterranean sharing plates. The raw food World Platter, which includes plenty of greens and plant-based proteins, is our favorite.

29. Tara Green

Tara Green

Pick your own lettuce from the onsite greenhouse before eating into delicious vegan brekkies and lunch dishes in the contemporary Balinese-meets-Tibetan environs at Tara Green, a horticultural garden and natural vegan & Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali. Every meal is brimming with flavor and made with garden-fresh ingredients in every case.

For one of the most sumptuous and wonderful vegan breakfasts we’ve ever had, try the Mushroom Boss. With four different kinds of sautéed mushrooms and a dollop of homemade hummus, it’s the height of umami bliss! Additionally, the vegan pancakes with caramelized banana, maple syrup, peanut butter, and a garnish of nuts are not to be missed. The Soba Noodle Salad is our top Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali.

30. Drifter

You’ll find Drifter’s tranquil garden café in the back of this historic surfing hotspot. Here, great coffee and a variety of delightfully good health dishes are served all day, every day, including vegan breakfast burritos and rice paper rolls during the day and Balinese casseroles and guava tacos at night. Although seafood is served here, vegetarians and vegans are well-cared for.

31. Nalu Bowls


Aloha! Nalu Bowls, Bali’s premier smoothie bowl shack that was inspired by Hawaii, is the place to go if you’re in the mood for a balanced meal that’s also healthful, sweet, and refreshing (particularly before or after a session on the waves). The smoothie bowls here are excellent, as expected given the daily-fresh ingredients created from exotic tropical fruits.

Consider spinach, fresh coconut, mango, banana, and papaya with homemade granola on top. The Uluwatu Bowl, which has dragon fruit, raspberries, bananas, and a dash of apple juice, is unquestionably their best-selling item. This small jewel, a Bali legend, is now offered in Canggu, Seminyak, Umalas, and even Jakarta!

32. Coco & Poke

Within Uluwatu’s renowned Single Fin Bar is this chicly understated Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali providing delicious bowls of delicious strict vegetarian coconut whip or Hawaiian-style poke bowls with a variety of ingredients and salad delicacies. The only challenge is choosing between sweet and savory options; anyway, that’s the best kind of guilt-free munching!

33. I Am Vegan Babe

I Am Vegan Babe

His cutting-edge, plant-based With cruelty-free food you’d never know is vegetarian or vegan until someone informed you, Canggu Cafe is a vegan game-changer. There are fluffy pancakes stacked to the ceiling and thick sandwiches that are impossibly cheesy, the kind that sticks to the roof of your mouth and melts into delectable goodness.

BLTs are also available that are packed with vegan fried eggs and creamy veganaise. The burgers, on the other hand, are nearly meaty in size, juiciness, and gluttony. You can still find plenty of salads, wraps, colorful bowls, and juices here, all wrapped up in the cafe’s tropical-chic decor, so don’t worry about health freaks.
I Am Vegan Babe, Canggu, Jl Tanah Barak No. 49. daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

34. The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack

The Shady Shack is one of Canggu’s most well-liked cafés, and for good reason: it has tropical al fresco ambiance, shabby-chic décor, and exclusively vegetarian cuisine with plenty of vegan alternatives. This incredibly nutritious Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali serves delicious specialties including the Nori Bowl, a Japanese-inspired meal, the juicy Shack Attack burger, sweet potato gnocchi (with almond feta!), and a variety of raw desserts for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Grab a chilled coconut and relax among the palms, or strengthen your defenses with a turmeric latte. How delicious.


When I first started traveling the world as a vegan, I had to make do with green salads, alfalfa, and capsicum on a plate. Or perhaps you were informed that there was nothing accessible for you.

Thankfully, there are now more vegan alternatives available in well-known holiday places as a result of the recent rise in tourism and studies into the health advantages of a plant-based diet.

There is no place like Bali for delectable vegan cuisine. You’ll find a plethora of cafes and Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali teeming with visitors, digital nomads, and locals all seeking to chow down on fresh vegan cuisine amid the undulating rice terraces, the beaches packed with partygoers, and surfing enthusiasts, and the friendly and welcoming culture of the Balinese.

And honestly say they don’t let you down.

No longer are the only options nutritious salads and smoothie bowls. You may have everything from vegetarian-ready meals to vegan gourmet dining when you travel to Bali. The best thing, though? There are a ton of locations to pick from no matter where you go!

The world’s understanding of dining is transforming because of the wonderful and nourishing plant-based Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali. It’s been reported that even the most ardent meat-eaters are making the switch to a greener, more sensible diet.

I hope that 33 Best Vegan Restaurants In Bali can give you some suggestions that make you satisfied. Thank you for reading our article and see you the next time!