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Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia

Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua, Indonesia. It is situated on the island of New Guinea, on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly known as Humboldt Bay). It covers an area of 935.92 km, and borders Jayapura Regency to the west, Keerom Regency to the south, the nation of Papua New Guinea to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the north. Keep reading on for the best things to do in Jayapura.

Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia

Go to Jayapura City Peak (Merah Putih Peak)

Go to Jayapura City Peak (Merah Putih Peak)

First thing first that you must go to when you arrive in Jayapura is the Jayapura City Peak or as called as The Merah Putih Peak. This place is always be the first one to be visited by so many tourists. They want to take a look at the Jayapura city first, and then continuing their journey to entering the city. Look at that scene, so wonderful.

Located on Bayangkara area in North Jayapura, this place will provide you worth the beautiful panoramas of Jayapura city. The view is already wonderful, especially during the night. When the lights came up, you’ll be blown away to finally understand how beautiful the Jayara city is.

Cenderawasih University’s cultural museum contains a fascinating range of Papuan artefacts including the best collection of Asmat carvings and ‘devil-dance’ costumes outside Agats, most of which was selected by Michael Rockefeller and his team in the 1950s for exhibition in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The art remained in Papua after Rockefeller’s canoe capsized near the Asmat region and he disappeared, presumed drowned or eaten by cannibals.

The museum also contains fine crafts from several other areas, historical photos and musical instruments. Additionally, there’s a collection of stuffed Papuan fauna, which includes a monitor lizard, a cuscus and some birds of paradise. The museum is next to the large Auditorium Universitas Cenderawasih on the main road in Abepura.

Sentani Cyclop Waterfall

Sentani Cyclop Waterfall | Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia

The next one is the Sentani Cyclop located at Sentani City area. Just like the beautiful waterfalls in spectacular waterfalls in Indonesia, this waterfall also looks great. The name Cyclop didn’t come from the Cyclop creature we knew from mythology. It’s actually just a name that came from the people around. The next thing you’ll see will blown you away. In the waterfall you can find this gigantic stone as place to rest or just to be an photo object.

You can take a picture with it, or trying a little bit extreme activity, jumping from it. But don’t try to dive in, because the water deepness is pretty low there. Then you can enjoy the waterfall with usual ways like bathing or just playing water around it.

Discover Youtefa Bay

Another great location beside the famous floating village in things to do in Banjarmasin. Located on Abepura, there’s the famous bay of Youtefa. This tourist spot is the best one if you looking for a tropical natural villages in Jayapura. This 4th place in things to do in Jayapura Papua has this kind of speciality in the existence of the green village.This very village is standing on a wooden planks, and connected by the bridges made of woods.

You can see their daily activities of you want, or just venturing through out the village. You can talk wth the head of the village and talking about the village itself or the other interesting stuff you can find arund the village. Don’t worry, he’s pretty humble and friendly.

Go To Hamadi Beach

Best Things To Do In Jayapura, Indonesia | Go To Hamadi Beach

One of the best things to do in Jayapura is that you can visit in your days in Jayapura is the Hamadi beach. You can find this beach in the area of South Jayapura. . In the location, you will be surrounded with so many dense trees around, which make the environment more cool and comfortable.

Beside those, you can see the view of the mountains from the beach. Even though not too big, they’re still beautiful. The Hamadi beach is perfect for enjoying the evening relaxation time or just a day nap. It’s really heavenly.

Check out Lake Sentani

The largest lake in Papua, Lake Sentani is so big that it has 21 islets in it.

The lake is easy to reach and visitors can opt to enjoy its beauty by navigating it using a tourist boat.

In a bid to attract visitors, the site hosts the Lake Sentani Festival every year, usually at mid-year, when visitors can enjoy varied cuisine and knickknacks from Papua, as well as many cultural performances.