7 Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali

There’s no denying why Bali is Indonesia’s most popular vacation spot. From beaches to temples, authentic Balinese food to delectable continental seafood, and clubs to retail areas, it has a lot to offer. What more do you require? Bali is unquestionably a must-see location.  If you enjoy seafood, there are a lot of the Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali. Much the Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali, like Seasalt Seminyak, Arwana Restaurant, and Pirates Bay Bali, is renowned for serving freshly cooked native fish from Bali. Here is our thorough list of the top 5 Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali to aid you in finding the best eateries.

1. Seasalt Seminyak – The Best Seafood Restaurant in Bali


Anyone’s heart may sing at the sight of this wonderful seafood, which is offered with just a little Japanese flair and the wafting aroma of the deep blue oceans. In Seminyak, Sea Salt is the first chic and contemporary home to experiment with seafood. The food is elegant, the portions are reasonable, and the staff is friendly. Additionally, a live kitchen tempts visitors to crave sea salt. Enjoy the light and shadow play that occurs on the outside deck as the waves smash around you as you sit there to eat. It’s a beautiful location to be. There are no closed days at this Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali.

2. Arwana Restaurant At The Laguna

Arwana Restaurant At The Laguna

The Arwana is possibly one of the Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali for a special candle-lit dinner by the shore of The Laguna. The Arwana is a unique dining establishment that is part of the larger BTDC complex. The meal preparation is displayed in the open-air kitchen, and there is also a real seafood pool where you may choose the seafood you want for the evening. Arwana Restaurant is the ideal location for a special supper for two because of its tranquil ambiance, first-rate service, BBQ, and picturesque surroundings.

3. Pirates Bay Bali


In the neighborhood of Nusa Dua, close to the bay, this is one of the only Best Seafood Restaurants in Bali. Perhaps the imitation pirate ship there in the sand serves as an obvious marker for it. The only things on top of the open-air bamboo observation towers are kitchens decorated in a pirate theme, menus, and waitresses who speak pirate. The restaurant, which is undoubtedly a terrific spot to take the family, is most renowned for its incredible seafood, which includes grilled young lobsters, crabs, as well as calamari, and prawns. The best destination to satisfy your family’s seafood cravings while on vacation is Pirates Bay Bali.

4. Dava Steak And Seafood Restaurant

Dava is another Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali that is certainly magnificent and pricey. It boasts a trendy atmosphere, breathtaking vistas, and a lavishly designed interior. This trendy restaurant offers mouthwatering steaks as its specialty, but it also serves the freshest fish prepared to your liking, so you can be sure you won’t leave empty-handed. An Enomatic wine distributor is part of DAVA’s wine selection, which invites you to sample several different wines in one sitting. It is regarded as one of Jimbaran’s top seafood establishments.

Dava Steak And Seafood Restaurant

Jimbaran Bay is renowned for its resorts on the coastline that offer breathtaking sunset views. You can pick any of the resorts along the Jimbaran beach if you wish to spoil your taste buds with some mouthwateringly crisp prawns and other seafood specialties with traditional Bali sauces. Along with food options, Jimbaran’s steep cliffs to the south of the bay make for excellent late-afternoon mixed drink locations.

5. Dcost Seafood

Dcost Seafood

Denpasar is the only area in Bali where you can find the freshest fish, and DCost Seafood offers some of the most deliciously authentic meals you can try while visiting. The eatery is renowned for its own style of dining and provides you with a wonderful assortment of Indonesian seafood delicacies in a relaxed canteen-type setting. Dcost Seafood is the Best Seafood Restaurant In Bali if you’re seeking reasonably priced, delicious meals. No other restaurant in the city compares with it for its seafood specialties and all-you-can-eat buffets. Some of the items you must try here include the fish fillet with mango sauce and the fried entire lobster with salted eggs and black pepper sauce.

6. Sardine Restaurant

Sardine Restaurant

Sardine restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Bali since it offers guests stunning views of the abundant rice paddy while they savor their delectable cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a first-rate dining experience thanks to the restaurant’s snow-white walls, outdoor seating areas, beautiful bamboo gardens, bizarre ponds, and Balinese garden-themed decor. The ever-changing menu allows customers to indulge in a wide selection of mouthwatering treats.

7. Ah Yat Abalone Seafood

Ah Yat Abalone Seafood

Ah Yat Abalone is a five-star restaurant with a reputation for authenticity, serving customers some of the tastiest Chinese seafood. Customers at this restaurant can eat delicious treats while dining in a contemporary atmosphere. Customers have a wide range of alternatives from the menu at Ah Yat Abalone, including options that are grilled, steamed, fried, or barbecued, as well as choices of delectable Asian sauces.

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