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Best Places For Vegan Food In Bandung

Bandung, the capital of Indonesia’s West Java Province, is one of the most popular destinations for Jakartans to escape to on weekends. Only 3 hours by train and four hours by car from Jakarta, the city offers a wide selection of shopping and dining places. Although vegetarianism is not the most popular lifestyle for Indonesians, some restaurants in Bandung cater to vegetarian and even vegan food. Here is a list of the best places for vegan food in Bandung in case you visit the city that hosted the first Asia-Africa Conference!

Best Places For Vegan Food In Bandung

LN Fortunate Coffee – Kopo

Best Places For Vegan Food In Bandung | LN Fortunate Coffee - Kopo

Vegan bakery & coffee cafe franchise originating from Hsinchu Taiwan and operates outlets across Southeast Asia. The “LN” stands for “Loving Nature” which is its principal philosophy that all earthly creatures are one family. Each location is individually operated. Menu offers coffee, tea, and drinks (with plant milk); vegan ice cream, cakes, and freshly baked breads; meals and savories. Cuisine types range from Asian dishes like rice and noodles to western ones like burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. This one est. 2017.

Kantin Anang

Medan Chinese-Indonesian food eatery near Parahyangan Catholic University. Offers choices like fried rice, kwetiaw (flat rice noodle), capcay (stir fry), and sapo tahu (claypot tofu). Items that contain pork or “B2” on the menu actually use vegetarian pork or alternative-meat.

Vegetarian House Catering

A restaurant that serves healthy food and drinks without milk, eggs, meat, cheese, and onions. As the name implies, all the dishes here are vegan-friendly. Support your vegetarian lifestyle with high quality and healthy ingredients. The place is famous for its Mushroom Rice with Serundeng, Bakmoy Rice, Vegetable Butter Rice, and other Indonesia’s favorite dishes.

Jl. Pelikan No.39, Garuda, Andir, Bandung

Kehidupan Tak Pernah Berakhir

The name of this place literally means “Life Never Ends”, such a catchy name for a vegan-friendly restaurant. The place serves an array of vegetarian foods on a buffet. All dishes are cooked without using MSG, coconut milk, and meat. Kehidupan Tak Pernah Berakhir also serves package meals.

Jl. Pajajaran No.63, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Bandung

Moey Resto Vegetarian

Moey Resto Vegetarian

It’s a casual Chinese food restaurant that serves vegan-friendly dishes. Enjoy some of its signature Chineses dishes along with Indonesia’s favorite choices. All are made of healthy ingredients that will fit your vegan lifestyle. Moey is famous for its Nasi Tutug Oncom, Vegetarian Rendang, type of vegetarian satays, salad, and more. The place also used to be a Chinese vases store, so you’ll be welcomed by a line of antic ones.

Jl. Pajagalan No.81, Karanganyar, Astanaanyar, Bandung

The Feed

The Feed, which has been in operation for less than a year, is one of the few eateries that offers pure organic and healthy food in Bandung. The vegetables and ingredients are all organic picked and from their garden. The kitchen doesn’t use white sugar, white salt, flour, or white rice. The utensils, food and juice packings are made of recyclable plastic.

The menu at The Feed is based on a whole food plant-based diet, with Western and Indonesian options – try the vegan burger with sweet potato fries, or the chickpea salad with parsley vinaigrette. Another must-have? Their cold-pressed juices. The food offered is mainly for grab and go, although people can dine in. The price of a meal comes in at about Rp 60,000 (about 295 rupees).

Jl. DR. Setiabudi No.56, Hegarmanah, Cidadap, Kota Bandung

Mom’s Artisan Bakery

The bakery is tucked in a small house in the center of Bandung and is always buzzing with customers. While the menu has limited pure vegan options, you can always ask for your sandwiches without cheese, or opt for a falafel pita without tzatziki. Their healthy bread are the stars – they have a wide variety of artisan loaves that are made without sugar, additives, bread improvers or preservatives. Pick up the sourdough, whole wheat or ciabatta.

Jl. Progo No.18, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung

KuangMing Vegetarian Restaurant

5 Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Bandung - What's New Bandung

The restaurant was built to support a healthy lifestyle and environment. It is one of the best places for vegan food in Bandung. KuangMin serves more than 30 types of vegetarian meal and more than 50 types of vegetarian snacks. This place is famous for its Indonesian dishes, such as Grilles Rice, Liwet Rice, as well as various Chinese foods.

Jl. Jend. Sudirman No.245, Cibadak, Astanaanyar, Bandung